Termination load DC-4Ghz

Carga Terminacion DC-4Ghz­­­­­

Terminación Diconex 50 Watts. DC-4GHz. Conector
7/16 macho


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Termination load DC-4Ghz­­­­­

General Specifications


Termination load DC-4Ghz

                Terminación Diconex 50 Watts. DC-4GHz. Conector 7/16 macho


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Electrical Specifications

Impedance                    50 Ω ± 2%

Frequency                     DC – 4 GHz

Max VSWR                     ≤ 1.10 at 2 GHz, ≤ 1.20 at 4 GHz

Temperature range        -55 to +125°C

Average power @ 25°C   50 W

Peak power                   5 kW

Weight                          540 g

Datasheet TLSLXDC4GZ Terminaciones-50-Watts1


Loads can be delivered indifferently either with heatsink type A or heatsink type B




Regulatory Compliance/Certifications

RoHS 2011/65/EU RoHS Compliant

Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under quality management system


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