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Broadcast, Radio and TV

The Broadcasting sector is one of our most demanding work areas, activity closely related to the Radiofrequency sector of Silex System Telecom.

Currently, audio and video transmissions are necessary. The demand for the transmission of an excellent signal is a requirement of all and having systems capable of responding to the evolution of technology is fundamental.

Our market is aimed at different areas of the audio visual sector, from the connectorization of audio and video signals to analog and digital signals in broadband solutions and power or high frequency transmission.

Our range of coaxial cables, from mini coaxial type flex3, flex5 to high frequency transmission waveguide cables, dielectric air cables (Air Dielectric) or RF coaxial cables 1-5 / 8 “ ensure a high quality radio system for use in this segment of the Broadcast.

On the other hand, our capacity in the assembly plant, we can develop all kinds of coaxial cables with cables RG, LMR, Flex, 1/2 “semi-rigid or 1/2” Superflex for connection between equipment and radiant systems, allows us to offer a quality product being able to adapt to the needs of the client. We design all types of coaxial hoses with the most varied connectorization.

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