Cable Radiante 75 a 2400 MHz 7/8″ Cod.CR02179

Los Cables radiantes facilitan la comunicación de radio donde la propagación de espacio libre habitual de las ondas electromagnéticas
se ve obstaculizada o es imposible, como en túneles, minas, edificios o en grandes complejos como recintos feriales o aeropuertos.

Nuestra serie de Cables Radiantes se centran en una banda específica que puede proporcionar un rendimiento optimizado. Son popularmente
utilizados en sistemas UMTS / GSM / CDMA / FM / PMR / TETRA / TETRAPOL / TDMA / CDMA / PNC / DECT / ISM / WLAN / WIFI.


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Cable Radiante de 75-2400 MHz 7/8″ v02


Radiating cables facilitate radio communication where the usual free space propagation of electromagnetic waves

is hampered, undesired or impossible- in tunnels, mines, buildings, alongside tracks or lines and in large

complexes like exhibition grounds or airports.


Our coupling series can support all major services from 75 MHz to 3 GHz and is therefore optimally suited for

multi-operator and multi-band applications.





Coaxial Radiating Cable, Broadband from 75 –2400 MHz, 7/8 in, Low smoke, black non-halogenated or fire retardant polyolefin jacket.


Type HLCTY(Z)-50-22-2(7/8″)


PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS                                                   CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS

Nominal Size 7/8″
Inner Conductor Diameter 9.00 mm   |
Dielectric Diameter 22.30 mm |
Outer Conductor Diameter 24.90 mm |
Diameter Over Jacket 27.50 mm |




Inner Conductor Smooth Copper Tube
Dielectric Physical Foam Polyethylene
Outer Conductor Overlapping Copper Foil
Jacket Black PE or Low Smoke Halogen-free Fire-retardant
Jacket Color Black




Single Bending radius 90mm
Multiple bending radius 500 mm
Minimum Distance to Wall 50 mm
Tensile Strength 1470 N
Bending Moment 14.9N.m
Flat Plate Crush Strength 400kg/m
Recommended Hanger Spacing 0.8~1.2m
Fire Retardancy Test Method IEC 60332-1 | IEC 60332-3C-24
Smoke Index Test Method IEC 61034
Toxicity Index Test Method IEC 60754-1 & | IEC 60754-1


Storage Temperature -55 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Installation Temperature -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
Operating Temperature -55 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Relative Humidity 95%


As with any radiating cable, the performance in building or tunnel environments may deviate from figures based on free space method


Due to the cable design, single lengths should not be less than 80m (262ft)

Attenuation Test Method IEC 61196-4
Attenuation Tolerance ±10%
Attenuation ,Ambient Temperature 20℃ | 68℉
Coupling Loss Test Method IEC 61196-4
Coupling Loss Tolerance ±5dB


Coupling loss values are given with a tolerance of ±5 dB and longitudinal loss values with a tolerance of ±5%.






Capacitance 76.0 pF/m
Impedance 50±2 Ω
Velocity 86%
Insulation Resistance >5000 MΩ•km
Jacket Spark 8 KV
Insulation Voltage 10 KV
Inner Conductor DC Resistance 1.65 Ω/km
Outer Conductor DC Resistance 2.10 Ω/km
Stop Band
Operating Frequency Band 75~2400 MHz
0.3~0.5 GHz ≤1.30
0.8~1.0 GHz ≤1.30
1.7~2.7GHz ≤1.30




Frequency Attenuation   COUPLING LOSS(2m)  
MHz dB/100 m dB/100 ft 50%(dB) 95%(dB)
75 1,2 0,4 63 72
150 2 0,5 65 75
450 3,2 1 71 79
800 4,4 1,3 75 83
900 4,7 1,4 76 85
1800 7,1 2,2 77 87
2200 8 2,4 78 86
2400 8,9 2,7 77 87

Maximum attenuation value shall be 105% of the nominal attenuation value





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