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Termination Load DC-3GHz 5W

Termination Load DC-3GHz 5W

A termination is a 1-port device with a coaxial RF connector.  The term RF dummy load and RF termination are interchangeable.  The purpose of a RF termination is to terminate a port with properly matched impedance to prevent RF power from being reflected back to the source.

  • The 7-16 (DIN) or N Dummy Load series is a very popular coax connector for use in Mobile GSM to LTE and Tetra systems
  • It is a larger sized precision weatherproof connector supplied with a thread coupling.
  • Connector styles are available for flexible, conformable, semi-rigid and corrugated cable types.
  • Mating face sealing for 7-16 connectors between plug and jack (mated) according to IP 65
  • Levels of performance in regard to return loss (VSWR) 7-16 or N connectors allow high-power high-frequency transmission in coaxial lines.


Termination Load DC-3GHz 5W

Carga Terminación N m 3GHz 5W – Carga Terminación N (m) 3GHz 5W.

Terminación N(m)

DC-3GHz 5W – Ref. TL-SLX-DC3GZ5D

Terminación-N(m)-3GHz-5W-Draw-Silex-v2  Terminación-N(m)-3GHz-5W-Draw-Silex-v01


Características Técnicas


  • Rango de frecuencias, GHz: DC-3Ghz
  • VSWR: < 1,2
  • Potencia Media, W: 5
  • PIM (IM3), dBc@2×43 dBm: < -120
  • Impedancia, Ω 50
  • Conector: N (macho)
  • Temperatura de operación, ºC: -30 a +65
  • Humedad, %: 5 a 95
  • Aplicación : Interior
  • Protección: (IP54)
  • Dimensiones, mm: 30,3xØ16,3
  • Acabado:  Aluminio
  • Peso, g: 34,5



RoHS2011/65/EU RoHS Compliant

Diseñado, fabricado bajo sistema de gestión de calidad RoHS

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