Surge Arrestor Range 698 – 2700MHz AR04052

Surge Arrestors Frequency Range – MHz 698 – 2700

Protects Mobile GSM to LTE frequency installations

Type DIN7/16 Male or Female


Surge Arrestors Frequency Range – MHz 698 – 2700


  • The 7-16 (DIN) or N Arrestor series is a very popular coax connector for use in Mobile GSM to LTE
  • It is a larger sized precision weatherproof connector supplied with a thread coupling.
  • Connector styles are available for flexible, conformable, semi-rigid and corrugated cable types.
  • Mating face sealing for 7-16 connectors between plug and jack (mated) according to IP 68.
  • Levels of performance in regard to return loss (VSWR) and PIM3 -155dBc 7-16 connectors allow high-power high-frequency transmission in coaxial lines.


Arrestor-Silex-GLQ15DINKK256T-v02.  Arrestor-Silex-GLQ15DINKK256T-v01


  • Superior IM performance for reliable long-term operation
  • Excellent electrical performance, low VSWR, low insertion loss
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • Including grounding wire kit
  • Totally maintenance free

Material Specifications

Body Brass / Trimetal(Cu-SN-Zn) Plating
Center Contact

  • Jack Side Tin Bronze/ Ag Plating
  • Plug Side Brass / Ag Plating

Dielectric TPX

Nut Brass/Nickel Plating

Electrical Specifications

  • Characteristics Impedance 50 Ohm
  • Frequency Range 698MHz~2700MHz
  • Center contact resistance ≤0.40mΩ
  • Outer contact resistance ≤0.20mΩ
  • Maximum Surge Current 60kA repetition(wave from 8/20us)
  • Residual Pulse Voltage ≤100V(wave from 8/20us)
  • Insertion Loss ≤0.15dB @2700MHz
  • VSWR ≤1.15 @MHz 698 – 2700MHz
  • PIM3 ≤-155dBc
Low Frequency Lightning Arrester
Impedance(Ω) 50
Working frequency(MHz) MHz 698 – 2700
Interface type 7/16M-7/16F or NM-NF
VSWR ≤1.15
Insertion loss(dB) ≤0.15
Discharge current capability(kA, 8/20µs) 60
Residual voltage(V) ≤100
Average power(W) 500
Temperature range(℃ ) -40~+100
Relative humidity ≤95%

Environmetal Specifications

  • Durability (matings) ≥500 cycles
  • Operating Temperature -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Storage Temperature -40 °C to +100 °C
  • IP Rating IP68


RoHS2011/65/EU RoHS Compliant & ce1

Quality Code: SXW10290201H


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Jacket Shield

Standard PE, Standard Fire Retardant


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